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We’ve had a bit of down time over Christmas and are now recharged and ready for this coming year!


Lots of exciting things planned, we’ve already kicked off our ‘to-do’ list with a shoot at a new local wedding venue – One word – Stunning…we’ll share all soon.

Next we’re looking forward to our annual trip  to the photography show in Birmingham, great place to catch up with suppliers and industry friends, learn new skills and maybe make the odd purchase J


Our bookings this year are really varied in style too which is great, we literally cannot wait. We love new ideas and new venues. Watch this space for the results! Portraits, Anniversary shoots, Weddings, Venues......


On a personal note we’re planning our trips and holidays that we’ll obviously share some photos from….Scotland is hopefully on the cards this year and we can’t not visit our favourite – Exmoor.


In the meantime get in touch if you are looking for a photographer or need help / advice.

We still have some wedding / portrait vacancies this year and taking bookings for next year!

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Savings on the cards for couples? https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/11/savings-on-the-cards-for-couples To be honest, we don’t usually pay too much attention to the full budget announcement (apart from any fuel or heaven forbid, any Alcohol duty increase!) but having read with interest the following statement we thought we would share our thoughts on this exciting development.


Budget Statement – October 2018

5.52 Promoting greater choice of wedding venues – England and Wales have outdated laws about how and where couples can marry. The government has asked the Law Commission to propose options for a simpler and fairer system to give modern couples meaningful choice. This will include looking at reducing unnecessary red tape and lowering the cost of wedding venues for couples.


Any news of a potential saving to be made will be music to many Brides and Grooms ears, so this budget entry will certainly be of interest to engaged couples up and down the country.


At the moment the law states that a venue must declare a specific place where the ceremony will take place and that this place must be permanent and immovable.

This basically means your venue has to have a permanent ‘roof’ and also that it must not supply any food or alcohol from one hour before the ceremony and during it to gain a license.

If an outdoor, non permanent pergola was used for the ceremony then legally you would need to sign the register at least in a different, permanent, licensed location.

This red tape puts many potential licensees off!


What this statement may mean….

It means that many more venues would be able and willing to apply for a license, giving couples much more choice.

It will also mean that having a full ceremony outside or in a marquee for instance would also be allowed, as could saying the “I do’s” on the shore of your favourite beach (owner permitting of course!)


Interestingly Scotland already have relaxed laws meaning you can get married at a venue of your choice….and yes…the top of Ben Nevis is an option.

Hiking up Ben Nevis in a wedding dress though is your own problem to solve!


We think it’s a wonderful idea.

The trend for relaxed, informal and personal weddings is becoming more and more popular and this will open up so many opportunities for people.

It will mean the couples that have had to put off their big day because of costs, beliefs or because they just can’t find that special venue to make their day unique may just have a chance to see their dreams come true.


There will always be the requirement for a more formal occasion and these can be spectacular and traditional and beautiful, this just gives far more choice to far more people.


It’s a win win situation in our opinion, we just hoped it gets passed quickly!


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Getting the most out of your photographer... https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/9/getting-the-most-out-of-your-photographer So, you've found a wedding photographer that you like, that makes you feel comfortable and that you're confident they can produce the kind of shots that you want...Fantastic!

Now read our top tips for getting the most out of that photographer.

1) Remember its your day, your photographer is there to work with you and with any ideas you have. If you're struggling for concepts then draw on their experience and ask for advice but don't be afraid to say what you like and don't like. 

2) Its a good idea to have a scan through friends photos, online photos... to give you some ideas of styles and themes you like, share these in your meetings with your photographer so you're are on the same page. 

3) If you are planning any 'line up' shots have a list of all the ones you want to capture and give this list to your photographer, this will speed up the process immensely. These things take longer than you expect, people have naturally wandered to the bar, off talking to Auntie Julie in the car park etc... and rounding people up can take some time. Any time saving actions here are fab! Extra tip...give this list to a 'responsible' person in your wedding party, your photographer might not know who 'Steve and Janet' are but the ushers probably will! 

4)Share your schedule of the day with your photographer, Its their job to be in the right place at the right time and this is mega helpful! Also please share with them any surprise events that might be happening to make sure these special moments aren't missed! When scheduling your day allow some time for any line up or couple shots that you want to achieve too, a great time for this is during reception drinks or the natural break between day and evening guests arriving.

5)Want some iconic shots??! That's fab, photographers love to work with couples who want something dramatic, fun or a little bit different....but please understand that sometimes these shots can take a little time to set up. Wanting an amazing night time photo or a stunning sunset shot is great and your photographer will love this but remember that you'll need to be pulled away from your guests for a little while to capture them - trust me it will be worth it! 

The above can be pretty much summed up in one word...communication.

If you've had good communication with your photographer in the run up to the day you can relax, enjoy your day and know that you're going to get some awesome shots! 


Getting the most from your photogrpaherWedding Photographer





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Catching Up... https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/8/catching-up  Hi all 

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, we've had some fabulous weather haven't we?! 

We've been busy the past couple of months with various shoots and preparing for our holiday so we thought we'd have a catch up and share some details and some pics of the kind of things we've been up to...

Family Portrait Session.

The aim of this session was to capture the great relationship between this family and their beautiful Labrador 'Jess' and to get some relaxed pictures of their 2 daughters. We chose a location that would allow the girls and Jess to have some freedom and to capture their interest and curiosity. The shoot went really well with some great results! Whoever said don't work with children or animals?! They're a great combination!

Wedding - Floral Hall, Tunstall Park - Stoke on Trent

This was a new venue for us so we weren't really sure what to expect, add to this the fact that it was a family wedding so much 'multi-tasking' was required made for a busy but fun day. The weather was exceptionally sunny and warm so hunting for good light was key. The bride had chosen a really vivid colour scheme - Stunning Red bridesmaid dresses were complimented by classic red roses in the bouquets, not your usual colour for a summer wedding maybe but it all worked so well and just looked so striking. A lovely day to be involved in and a great little venue, if you're looking to get married in that area soon, take a look!

Mini Portrait Sessions - Acton hall Livery

This was a really fun and busy day form us. Each client getting a 30min slot for portraits. We were happy to shoot ridden or ground based and with or without humans :-) We had such an variety of clients - some with some 4 legged doggy friends too. Everyone had made such an effort, grooming their horses to perfection. We love to photograph owners and pets, the relationship, affection and connection always comes through so we hugely enjoyed this day. This us a great yard too if you're looking for somewhere to stable your horse, Top notch facilities, friendly staff and clients and great hacking I'm told! 


Next month we'll fill you in on the rest of our summer adventures and what's next on the cards for us. In the meantime here are a selection of pictures from the past few weeks. 


Thanks for reading! 

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Spotlight on an Autumn Wedding https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/7/spotlight-on-an-autumn-wedding Planning your wedding for later in the year, or thinking of a date for next year? Having an Autumn wedding has many benefits...

Venues and Suppliers tend to have more availability following the busy summer months meaning more choice and more opportunity to shop around. This, in turn, can mean better value and maybe the chance of an 'out of season discount'.

The light in autumn is stunning if you are lucky enough to be granted good weather, and what about those autumnal colours?! 

We had the honour of shooting an Autumn wedding a couple of years ago. Here's a little wedding overview for you about the day and some pics for some inspiration. Thanks to Jess and Jez for allowing us to share their day with you.

Location: Maxey, Cambridgeshire

Month: October

Theme: Autumnal Country Chic

The Bride and Groom decided to really embrace the time of year and the Autumnal feel by choosing colours to compliment the season.


Rustic centre pieces and even a tree in the middle of the marquee carried on the country feel as did the fabulous Tweed Shawls. 


Being Vintage Car enthusiasts it was only right that the wedding vehicles were the family's 1912 Model T Ford Flanders and a 1916 Model T Ford Indianapolis.

There were country fete themed garden games to keep the guests entertained....

And the bride chose to change footwear for a while to something more 'in keeping' 

This was such a relaxed and fun day to shoot, lots of planning and attention to detail had clearly gone in to making this day memorable. 

If you're considering an Autumn wedding then go for it....there are so many ways to embrace that time of year. 


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A picture paints a thousand words... https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/6/a-picture-paints-a-thousand-words Do you ever stop to think about the photos you're using?


If you are running a business, whether it’s a national company or small local enterprise, there is no getting away from the fact that your online presence is pretty crucial.

In this digital age us ‘consumers’ are expecting answers to their questions in a few clicks…maximum! If something takes longer than that then we’re already yawing and planning what we’re having for dinner instead.

The one sure fire way to make an impact is images. A price can’t be put on good quality images.


While the temptation is there to use ‘stock’ images and as useful as they can be in some circumstances, they aren’t of you, or your business, or your products. This is what you want to showcase after all! You want to get customers to know YOU!

If you are confident taking your own images to best capture your product then great, use them.

If however you aren’t as sure about what lightning will best show off your products, what angle would be right and the composition, then having some commercial shots done may be a consideration for you.

You may be surprised too at the in-expense, especially the potential ROI you could achieve.


A few good quality commercial shots can be used across all your media, from your website, to leaflets, to your social media posts, It can really help cement your ‘brand’ too, you’re more likely to achieve engagement from your posts if you have a nice clear image to accompany your texts…we are that lazy, we’d rather SEE first, read later!


It doesn’t have to just be images of your products, it can be ‘action shots’ if it’s a service you offer or some clear, consistent staff pictures that send out the right message for your business.


Linkd in photos, portfolio photos…they all count, new employers will almost no doubt check your linkd in feed, probably not the best medium to use that festival shot of you proudly holding a pint aloft!


If you have any questions about commercial shots, portrait shots, or want some advice, or to book a session just drop us an email.

Happy to advise and help where we can .





Thanks for reading!!

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The Unplugged Wedding https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/4/the-unplugged-wedding Scrolling through our twitter feed the other day we came across a discussion about ‘The Unplugged Wedding’.

This seems to be a new concept that’s becoming increasingly popular, more so with our American friends overseas but now a shift is starting in this country too.

Thought we’d introduce you to the idea and share a few initial thoughts we have on the new craze…


The concept:

- Either during the ceremony or the for the whole day the couple requests that their guests turn off their mobiles and put away their camera’s.


The advantages (from our point of view at least)

Allows and enables people to really focus on the day, to be there for the couple and to experience the event fully in the moment.

Can you image the nerves of doing your speech only to have people’s heads down looking at their phone, Oh….and also the dreaded clash with the big sports event, guests checking the results every few minutes kind of steals the thunder from a wedding no?!

Walking down the aisle to the strains of ‘Nokia tune’ as someone hasn’t turned it down properly may be a tad annoying to say the least.

From a photographers point of view it also enables them to capture the moments and memories without a shot full of mobile phones in the foreground (and don’t forget the couple have invested a portion of their budget for their wedding photographs)


The disadvantages

Some people like taking pictures, simple. If you request that they don’t they may feel ‘put out’ or offended.

A Bride taking a selfie with her bridesmaids, the mother of the groom taking a proud picture of her grandson as the pageboy….these are moments that are only going to happen for people maybe once so why not capture them?

From a photographers point of view again, these moments make great candid shots and that’s what they’re being paid to do, to capture the day, spontaneous events and all.

If you decide not to have a professional photographer you may miss the really special, key moments of the day. Peoples phones and I-pads could be very handy!


Our conclusion

Personally, banning mobiles and cameras for the whole day seems a little strong. Your photographer is being paid to capture the moments, they will be used to dealing with and working around guests with mobiles, sometimes it even gives them a chance to be ‘creative’.

However there are definitely some merits to be had with disallowing them from the ceremony.


If this is something that you’re looking at then great, we applaud you for taking control of your day and asking your guests to be truly part of it with you.



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Where it started... https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/4/where-it-started I thought it would be good to share with you where it all started, where my passion for Photography first came from.

I've always been interested in the Natural World, Spending much of my life outdoors often gave me great opportunities to see some fantastic wildlife.

We started taking out Sarah's Film SLR (canon EOS500 for those interested) on our walks and holidays and it really developed from there, erm...no pun intended! 

We would spend our holidays and down time choosing locations that we knew would be great for spotting wildlife and great landscapes, but also satisfy Sarah's keen eye for detail and architecture and 'fine art things'. This led us to our Favourite part of the Country and one we return to every year, Exmoor. If you've never been I highly recommend it, stunning coasts, pretty perfect villages and vast moorland. Oh and some great country pubs too!

From those beginnings I was hooked. On the 'art of photography' and the complete range of skills set needed from taking wildlife pictures, to taking pictures of people, and objects and landscapes. The rest they say is history, filled with reading, workshops, portraits, weddings and lots and lots of practicing. I love capturing memories, moments in time that could easily be forgotten if not for the humble camera! 

We're never too far away from a camera now. you never know when there may be a great opportunity to practice your landscape, city, candid photos....

Below are a selection of my favourite earlier shots, Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and hope you enjoy the images! 







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UK Photography Show 2018 https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/3/uk-photography-show-2018 Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Photography Show 2018 at the NEC. 

I know what you're thinking, it sounds like a jolly and an excuse for Photographers to go shopping....well you wouldn't be completely wrong. 

However, its a really important date in our calendar as photographers, as it gives us a chance to catch up with some of our suppliers and to view, hold and try out new products and technology. 

While we were there we made sure to visit some of our album and printing suppliers and our Website hosts too - giving us some ideas of how we can refresh things and to ultimately make it easier for you guys to navigate. 

We managed to sit in on a couple of skills sessions too giving us extra knowledge and perspective to hone our repertoire further.  

Cant wait to show you some of the new products out there and to test out those extra skills! 


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The Pre Wedding shoot https://www.edparrish.co.uk/blog/2018/3/the-pre-wedding-shoot  

Pre wedding photo shoots, some couples are adamant that they want one, some not so sure….

If you’re currently wondering what they’re all about and why people opt for one read on…


1)      A chance to get used to you both being the Focus, to get used to the camera being around and to get comfortable with that.

2)      A chance to get to know the photographer, know how and what they’ll say to direct you on the day.

3)      A chance for you to firm up your ideas about what you like and what you definitely don’t like.

4)      A perfect opportunity to gain some lovely shots of you as a couple, without distractions and often in a place that has some meaning or connection.



If you have opted for the pre wed here are some things to think about before the day:

1)      Wear something Comfy, something that’s ‘you’ and something that you feel confident in.

2)      Try and have a location idea in mind. Connecting with a location and being comfy and happy in a place will help wonders when it comes to relaxing.

3)      Got Pets? Perfect….if one of your favourite things is to take Buster for a walk in the park on a Sunday before stopping for coffee….shoot that J

4)      Don’t stress – Your photographer will have plenty of ideas up their sleeve if your struggling with what you might like. Sometimes its great to try a number of styles and different shots to help confirm what you want on the big day.

5)      Have fun, Smile and relax


We hope we’ve given you a bit of food for thought and if you’re still not sure get in touch, drop us and email, give us a call. Happy to help with suggestions….

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